Automated Manufacturing Start-up Business

Western Cape

R 505 800

Financial Information

Detailed financials available on request

This supplier of industrial equipment specializes in catering for start-up business entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up businesses in the manufacturing industry.

They specialize in automated manufacturing machines including toilet paper processing machines and corrugated iron roof roll forming machines. They supply and train startup companies and established businesses, as well as supply clients with specific machinery. The business also provides a service of designing and building factories for the business startup if required. The company ensures the clients' needs are met right from the beginning and follow a strict business ethic of offering excellent service to customers from order to delivery, as well as training. The business is able to service and supply clients throughout South Africa as well as across its borders. The toilet paper processing line consists of 3 machines for R505,800; a rewinding and gluing machine, a cutting machine and a sealing and packaging machine. These 3 machines perform all processes necessary for production of toilet rolls. This production line is simple to use and only requires 3 people to operate it. The company's projected income statement for the toilet paper processing line projects a potential profit of R1,042,000 in the first year alone. The projected income statement works on the assumption that a person purchasing these machines would rent his/her own industrial premises but should they wish to have a factory designed and built on their property, the company offers this option as well. You also have the option to purchase a fully automated toilet roll paper core making machine for R336,300 – this automatically manufactures the cardboard core of the toilet rolls. However, you are able to purchase these ready produced from the paper mills.

Ian Bulpitt

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