Corporate software - HR & Payroll


R 9 000 000

Financial Information

Net Asset Value R 18,000,000
Inventory Value R 0
Property Value R 0
(Annual) Operating Profit R 135,000
(Annual) Turnover R 225,566

New age business opportunity

This is a fantastic “new age” business, which fits the profile of the 20th century business model, relying on annuity income with very low operational costs. Staying ahead of the game means constantly researching new and improved HR methods and adapting these to the software. The current owners started this business in 1998 as a software development company, and after extensive research into the market requirements, they have made significant investment in developing two world class HR & Payroll solutions products. The one product is uniquely developed for the Corporate market and and the other created around specific SMME sector requirements. The products are developed using Open Source (OSS) platform, allowing each customer to adapt as to their own requirements, and both systems are Cloud based solutions, thus reducing server requirements and allowing easy access and roll-out throughout the company. The business has a solid customer base with substantial annuity income.



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