Hypoallergenic Sanitising Service to the Hospitality Industry


R 2 200 000

Financial Information

Detailed financials available on request

A very innovative and unique service that is provided to hotel groups, schools, hospitals, bed and breakfasts, game lodges and guest houses.

The owner has developed a very unique way to hygienically sanitize certain assets in the hospitality industry to such an extent that they can certify the rooms to be hypoallergenic. The solution developed by the owner is chemical and water free, and a huge advantage over his major competitors, as it ensures the room can be immediately occupied after the service has been performed, and does not require good weather or sunlight to assist in the drying process. Sanitising is done at least twice a year, ensuring that once a client is secured, they are guaranteed ongoing business. They currently have contracts with some of the major hotel chains, schools, and some independent guest lodges. Their business is largely focused in Gauteng, Overheads are basically only wages, and as their working hours coincide with those of house-keeping in a hotel, all employees are employed on a casual basis. The equipment is paid for, and cost of sale is negligible, about 3% of sales. The business is owner-run and operates from the owner's residence. It can easily be relocated. The owner realises there are unlimited growth opportunities, whether through franchising, expanding into other provinces, BEE ownership, and the modification of the equipment to provide services to movie houses and theatres. Ideally he is looking for a big brother business partner who can assist him in growing the business to its true potential over the next few years, after which he would consider retirement. This business was started by the owner two years ago, but he only registered it as an entity 11 months ago. Full financial statements for this period are available. Price exclude VAT if applicable.