Original Biltong Den Outlet


R 170 000

Financial Information

Net Asset Value R 27,670
Inventory Value R 0
Property Value R 0
(Annual) Operating Profit R 5,697
(Annual) Turnover R 73,068
Seller Handover

One of the originals with a strong returning client base

This Biltong Den outlet was established in 1998 and is where the concept for franchising a business such as this originated. This Biltong Den however, is not part of the Biltong Den Franchise – it is a standalone business and has the right to use the name Biltong Den. The seller has owned this particular biltong outlet since March 2013 but would like to finally retire as he is approaching 70 and his health is not as it once was. During this period the owner has introduced many different lines to increase turnover and attract customers to the outlet for example, presents, biscuits, apparel, etc. The business is situated in a busy shopping centre and is in a prime location within the centre. It is situated between a well-known retail shop and a pub/restaurant thus generating plenty of pedestrian traffic and in turn many customers. A number of these customers have become regular clients of the business and in fact the seller is on first name terms with many of them. There are still plenty of opportunities to increase the outlet’s turnover by introducing new product lines and the seller is willing to share many of his ideas with a potential buyer.



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