Imported Cooking Stones Asset Sale Only


R 111 500

Financial Information

Detailed financials available on request

This business was started in 2018 with 2 partners from Europe. They had great success in selling and exposing these stones with demos, tasting evenings as well as Farmers’ Markets and via social media and their website. The 1 partner is retiring and the other is back in Europe for his other business interests. It is a fantastic opportunity to build a brand and a unique and healthy way of cooking. They have the exclusive rights to sell the cooking stones. Buying the assets includes the right to import and distribute the stones in South Africa. With minimal fuel needed to bring the stone to temperature, you can cook anything in a healthy and gentle way. Fish, meat, fruits, eggs, skewers, you name it, the stone will cook it deliciously and retain all the foods natural flavours. The asking price excludes VAT.

Reason for selling

Focusing on other business interests. Retiring
Monthly cash flow
R 2,589
Stock value
R 0